“Pushing Past Planetary Boundaries: Human Activities Endanger Earth’s Balance, Study Warns”

"Pushing Past Planetary Boundaries: Human Activities Endanger Earth's Balance, Study Warns"

A new study says human activities are risking Earth’s safe operating space. We may be leaving behind the Holocene. This is the 10,000-year period that allowed civilization to develop. The findings were published in Science Advances.

The study revises the planetary boundary framework. This theory identifies nine key elements of Earth’s life support system. Each has a “boundary” or limit which, if respected, allows the world to maintain balance and support humanity.

The nine boundaries include climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, ocean acidification and changes in biosphere integrity. Also, changes in biogeochemical flows, land and freshwater systems, atmospheric aerosol loading, and novel entities such as pollution.

The concept of planetary boundaries was first proposed in 2009. A revised version was published in 2015. The current research updates the status of these boundaries, suggesting we are pressing past their safe limits.

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New study shows Earth may be past the ‘safe operating space’ for humanity