“Boosting Energy Efficiency: The Case for High-Performance Windows in Australian Homes”

"Boosting Energy Efficiency: The Case for High-Performance Windows in Australian Homes"

Windows are a significant source of heat gain and loss in homes, leading to high energy costs. Australian homes utilize high-performance insulating windows far less than other countries, despite their ability to reduce heating and cooling costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Single-glazed windows are a thermal weakness, with up to 87% of heat gain and 40% of heat loss occurring through them. Double or triple-glazed windows have better thermal performance, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Offering more than just temperature regulation, these high-performance windows can also improve mental and physical health, light control, and noise reduction.

However, the industry braces itself for challenges in adopting these improvements. The cost of high-performance windows is higher and they are heavier than regular ones, which may require extra equipment for installation. Additionally, the industry grapples with supply-chain issues and housing affordability.

The researchers propose policy changes to enhance the uptake of high-performance windows, including regulatory improvements, better financing and education, and ensuring quality assurance. The goal is to make high-performance windows a standard in Australia, something already common in many other countries.

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